We had 16 members today with the carers and families on this very hot day. Lisa opened the session from 2pm and as more members joined it was lovely to see everyone chatting.

Ian our music entertainer played some sing along seaside music which made everyone happy and singing. Eon then followed with his chair exercise session. His funky music was very motivating. It didn’t matter how hot it was as everyone enjoyed following the exercises. Thank you Ian and Eon.

Lisa then followed with a flower picture quiz today and everyone did really well recognising the names of various flowers. Lisa then read some short jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Jo and Grazia and Enzo. Thank you as always to our Service engineer Mark and it was lovely to see Valerie one of our Trustees and Rotarian.

We had 17 members today with their carers. Our new opening times for the session at 2pm is working well and members appreciate the extra time to chat. Lisa welcomed everyone as they joined. James Le Bec was then ready to start his performance and sang a few songs before starting his music quiz which everyone really looks forward to. James’s sound system is now perfect. Everyone was on mute whilst James played each song for the quiz and then un-muted for the answers. Everyone did really well in the quiz scoring 24 points. Thank you to Joy in the background who helps also. James then finished off with the 2 favourites ‘Coming Round the Mountain’ and Doris Day. Thank you James.

Richard Kravetz was ready as soon as James finished to start the chair Yoga exercises. Today it was chair Yoga with a twist. Everyone is always very engaged doing all the exercises which are also great fun. Richard continues straight after the exercise with a short quiz and today the quiz was about Britain’s favourites. It was interesting to know in the quiz that Britain’s favourite biscuits before the pandemic was ‘Chocolate Digestives’ and Britain’s favourite snacks after the lockdown were ‘Cheese and Onion crisps’. The highest scorers in the quiz today getting 8 out of 10 were Gina and Chris, Frances and Keren, and Pam and John, Well done to them. Richard informed the winners that their prize today is a virtual box of ‘Cheese and Onion crisps’.

Thank you Richard.

Lisa then continued with the session reading a few story jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winners today for the Bingo were Pamela and John. Well done to them.

We had 17 members today with their carers and families. It was also lovely to see Sheila a volunteer from Rotary Club Golders Green and Nandini from Rotary Club Edgware & Stanmore. As a result of a recent survey Lisa decided to start opening the sessions for members to join from 2pm giving members more time to have a chat. This was very welcoming.

It was lovely to hear during the chat that Sotiris and Rona were very proud of their son Jamie Demetriou – “James Demetriou is an English-Cypriot comedian, actor, and screenwriter known for his roles in Fleabag and Stath Lets Flats which he also writes. In the recent BAFTA awards he won three awards: Best Male Actor in a comedy, Best Writer of a Comedy and the programme itself won the award for Best Scripted Comedy.”

We further found out from Rona and Sotiris that their daughter – Natasia Demetriou also is an Actor and she appears in a television series called “What we do in the Shadows”

Ian was then ready to start his performance and today he decided to introduce his various music as a menu. For starters he sang some Engelbert Humperdinck songs, for the main he sang some Cliff Richard songs, for the Dessert he sang some Elvis Pressley and then he decided to sing one more for the cheese and biscuits which was another Engelbert Humperdinck song. Members really enjoyed the music and sang along.

Eon was then ready to take over with the chair fitness exercises. His Latin /Salsa music got everyone motivated into doing a great enjoyable workout. Thank you Ian and Eon.

Lisa then continued with reading a couple of jokes and then did a picture quiz asking members to name some celebrities who passed away. Some of the faces were challenging but members found the quiz interesting. The session the ended with Lisa calling out the Bingo numbers and today we had 2 winners – Jo and Grazia and Helen and Chrystalla. Well done to the winners.

We had 20 members today with their carers. As usual members chat before the session starts which is great and always a good opportunity to welcome and introduce new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and James Le Bec was ready to start the music entertainment.

I’m pleased to report that James’s sound system was perfect today. He had technical issues for several weeks but now he has mastered it and members really enjoyed the music. The music quiz was also great today as Lisa suggested to James that perhaps everyone should be muted whilst he plays the 10 snippets of music quiz questions. This made sure that everyone heard the music quiz questions. When everyone was then un-muted everyone had their answers to shout out which worked perfectly.

Richard our Yoga instructor was then ready to take over and as always the Yoga sessions with Richard are fantastic. Richard then continued to provide an interesting quick general knowledge quiz and the questions today were about Spain. The winners of the quiz were Gina and Chris – Well done Gina and Chris and Richard presented a make believe prize of a plate of Paella.

Lisa then read a couple of short story jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today was Maria De Vito. Well done Maria.

A dull rainy day today but it didn’t matter as we still had 18 members and their carers tuned into the session. It was Lisa’s birthday today and although she said nothing, Joan one of the members announced it and then everyone sang Happy Birthday. Lisa was very touched.

Our music entertainer Ian was ready and before he started he brought his dog Theo on stage to say hello to everyone. It was lovely to see Theo especially after his recent operation. Ian’s music as usual was fantastic with a variety of songs that everyone could sing along to. Kevin and Mabel were dressed to impress with their Elvis glasses and Kevin had a look alike royal crown. Thank you Ian for your wonderful music.

It was then time for Eon our chair exercise instructor who today was made co-host by our service engineer and this meant that his sound was even more perfect. Eon had some really great background music today too. It sounded very Caribbean/Salsa which motivated everyone even more. Thank you Eon. Lisa then spoke to members informing them about a Telemarketing scam about Test and Trace and read out a sample conversation about how it is done.

Lisa advised everyone never to give out their addresses or bank card numbers to anyone. The NHS Test and Trace is free and they would never be charge for it.

Lisa then did a short quiz about vegetables and fruit and the winner today was Joan with 10 out of 14. Well done Joan. Lisa then read out a few funny jokes which everyone enjoyed listening to and laughed and lastly called out today’s Bingo numbers and the winner today was Sotiris and Rona. We also had a joint winner of Margaret and Rachel, well done to all.