It was a very busy session today in Mill Hill with great support from the Rotary club members. Muz introduced the session which Lisa then kicked off by providing some very sound advice to members on how to minimise the risk of catching the Corona virus.

Jeanette from the Rotary club then introduced to members and started the first part of the session with an interesting game. Members were given a list of all the letters of the alphabet and for each letter of the alphabet they had to think of a word which describes ‘something that you wear.’ Members only scored a point if their word was unique. Amazingly members managed to find an item for every letter and Sotiris won the game by identifying 11 items that nobody else came up with.

The session then followed with Richard and as he was so inspired by the alphabet game, he decided to continue with the alphabet theme by asking members to identify a body part for each letter of the alphabet and then exercising that body part. Members had great fun exercising both their bodies and their minds at the same time.

After the seated exercises Muz added a musical interlude by playing “Coming round the mountain”. Lisa led the way and had all the members singing and swirling their hands in the air every time the chorus was played.

After the sing along, there was a circuit of activities including, Putting golf, table tennis (both seated and standing), skittles, carpet bowls and a giant noughts and crosses game. There were lots of smiles and laughter as members tried each activity in turn.

Everyone had a really fun afternoon with so many different activities to try. Thank you to our The Rotary Club members of Mill Hill for their help and support today - President Desmond & Bobsie, Jeanette & Graham, Alan Scott and Ken and Jane. Thank you also to all our other volunteers today – Theresa and Annette and of course Muz and Faz and Lisa.