We had lots of great support today from members of the Hendon Rotary Club. The Rotary Club Honorary member Yvonne Phelops (also Past President of Rotary Club Wembley & Willesden) and her husband Arnold attended along with Charlyn and new Rotary Club member Angela Mezue.

There were several new members who visited for the first time today. It was a busy session. Muz and Faz distributed some colouring in pictures today about Leap years and members also had the choice to do word searches and also play with a giant noughts and crosses game whilst sipping their teas and coffees and snacking on the delicious cakes and biscuits.

Lisa welcomed everyone and then handed over to Muz and Faz. The session started with a True or False Quiz which had several facts and fiction on Leap Years. Members had to hold up whichever card – TRUE or FALSE – they believed was the correct answer. Members were very good, though there were some questions which were not easy to decide on whether it was True or False!

Everyone enjoyed this game which also provide some interesting learning about Leap years. They occur every 4 years and apparently getting married in a Leap year is not lucky at all and if a lady asks a man to marry him, if she is turned down then the man has to kiss the lady or buy her an expensive gift.

Members also had a surprised treat when the current Mayor of Barnet Cllr. Caroline Stock, popped in with her Escort to say hello to everyone dressed in all Mayoral regalia. She was accompanied by a group of school children from Pardes House Grammar School who visited today. This brought many smiles to everyone’s faces. After the visit from the Mayor, there was a seated exercise session with Eon.

Eon had everyone using resistance bands to get them working out hard. It was an excellent exercise session which everyone really enjoyed. The session then followed with music entertainment by Ian. He got everyone up dancing, holding hands and kicking their legs with his passionate renditions of old classics like the Lambeth Walk.

Whilst some members continued to enjoy his wonderful music, a few members played passing a ball with their feet and others also enjoyed some Putting golf. It was a very busy and fun packed afternoon session with a variety of activities. This was a fantastic session.

Thank you very much to the Rotary Club of Hendon members and to our volunteers Annette, Radha, Muz and Faz and of course Lisa and Mark.