A very busy session as usual and we also had some new people. Everyone was excited to be here today as they were looking forward seeing Yuri Sabatini a classical Italian tenor. He came once before.

Lisa welcomed everyone and whilst they were enjoying their teas and cakes Lisa provided some program updates and also some advice about what precautions to take with the Corona virus. Members were grateful.

As pancake day was yesterday Lisa gave out some pictures about pancakes for colouring which members enjoyed doing and also read out something about the history of pancakes and a couple of jokes about flipping pancakes which everyone enjoyed.

Some singing then followed with members favourite songs and Ernie then continued with more singing and was joined with Terry. Everyone was in a very happy mood when Yuri arrived and gave him a very warm welcome.

Yuri sang some beautiful songs and also sang some requests which overwhelmed some of the members. Yuri’s voice filled the room which also resonated through the hospital corridors. Members really enjoyed listening to Yuri. Lisa thanked Yuri and members applauded. Yuri had a few CDs of some of his songs and members were very excited to buy them.

What a wonderful afternoon and everyone went home very happy. Thank you to our volunteers today Melvyn, Arzu, Angela Chen, our student from last week Assanta and of course Mark.