A very busy session as usual. We also had 4 new members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some programme updates and other news. Lisa welcomed and introduced a new volunteer today – Assunta from The London Academy.

Her mother works at The Finchley Memorial Hospital in the Wards upstairs and Assunta wanted to come and volunteer as she has hopes to become a doctor one day.

Lisa then introduced James one of the carers who wanted to say a few words. ‘James read a number of letters he had written to his old RAF Base when he was a regular in the RAF in Egypt in the 1950s. He wanted a beret and cat badge of his old team as he was very proud to serve. He eventually got his beret and cat badge a few days ago and he is looking forward to wearing it at the next official engagement.

He has also been invited at the Officers Mess at RAF High Wycombe for lunch which he is looking forward to.’ Members were very pleased to hear James’s talk.

The session then followed with a quiz and then Lisa put on some music for members to sing along which they enjoyed. This prepared members as they were ready when Ian James our music entertainer then arrived. Everyone enjoyed Ian’s choice of music and there was a lot of dancing and singing. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you today to our volunteers Melvyn, Melissa, Angela Chen and Marina who I thank very much not only for her help throughout the session but also for taking the mugs home last week and washing them in her dishwasher. The mugs are now gleaming white.

Thank you also to Assunta for her help today and of course to our Mark.