A very busy session today. As Valentine Day is in a couple of days, Lisa decided to decorate the tables with red tablecloths and each table had a vase of yellow tulips and red petals.

Members were delighted to see the beautifully decorated tables as they arrived. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them a Valentines quiz to start doing together on each table as a team. Lisa also introduced a visitor – Mrs Mami Kato who wanted to observe and study our dementia club so that they can use the information to set up similar dementia clubs in Japan.

Mami also mentioned that her TV Director Ms Murakami may also try to attend one of our dementia clubs to film it. Members welcomed Mami.

Mark then called out the quiz answers. Members enjoyed doing the quiz as there were some very interesting questions. Lisa then did some Valentine poetry reading with everyone and each table had to choose someone to read a verse. The poem about ‘A simple Hug’ was then read and at the end everyone gave each other a hug which was really nice.

Paul Jaffa our music entertainer then arrived. Paul plays the piano at the West Lodge Hotel in Cockfosters on a regular basis. Paul brought his keyboard today and played some familiar songs which everyone enjoyed listening to and some that they sang to and even danced. Mami our visitor also enjoyed interacting with members and even danced too. It was a very enjoyable Valentine session.

Thank you to our volunteers today – Melvyn and Arzu for their help throughout the session. Also a big thank you to Marina one of the carers who was also very helpful.