A beautiful sunny day and quite a few members arrived today. Volunteers Annette, Theresa, Annalisa, Muz and Faz and Mark one of our Trustees were all at hand to welcome members as they arrived and made sure they were seated to enjoy their teas, coffees and lovely cakes.

Lisa welcomed everyone and mentioned a few programme updates and introduced Muz and Faz who are session leaders. Jalpa the Community Sports Manager popped in to say hello. We then had a new visitor Dan Morris who is the new General Manager of Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre. Lisa welcomed him and Dan was very pleased to stay for a while and meet the members and volunteers. Welcome Dan.

Muz prepared each table with some pictures for members to enjoy colouring and also a word challenge whilst they were enjoying their teas.  Everyone was given 9 letters on a whiteboard  - R I F L E D E C K - and were asked to make as many words as they could from these letters. There were some great results as members made quite a few words.

We had 3 birthdays to celebrate today for Athena, Chris and Gina. Gina’s birthday was actually today and Chris’s momentous birthday is on the 10th February but they were happy for members to sing Happy Birthday to both of them. As usual Lisa makes sure that birthdays are celebrated in the usual Dementia Club UK fashion with a cake and a firework candle. Chris and Gina were really grateful and excited to see the firework candle.

Athena had to leave early so sadly she missed the celebration. It was then time for Annalisa to do some exercises with the members. Annalisa makes sure that members exercise all parts of their body but also makes the exercises fun. Her buzzing personality makes members enjoy exercising.

The session then followed with our talented music entertainer Aaron who played some familiar songs which got members up and dancing and singing along. At one point everyone was holding hands in a circle on the dance floor which was lovely to see. The music quiz part is also great fun with Aaron as this is competitive and fun. Members love the fact that they get to roll a dice to determine how many points they get to score for each question they answer correctly.

This was a very enjoyable session and big thanks to all our volunteers today.