Mark was session leader today as Lisa was at a meeting with Nigel Wray and was going to arrive later. Teas/coffees and lovely cakes were served as usual as members arrived. Lisa made sure Mark was prepared and organised with various activities.

Mark made sure the tables were set as members arrived with various word searches and other fun quizzes like spotting the differences in 2 pictures and also some trivia challenge. When members were settled Mark read an article to members from the Friern Barnet Newsletter published in February. This Newsletter always has some interesting reading and this article was about – A Year to Remember 1979 written by David Berguer.

As Mark was reading, this stirred up a lot of memories for members and a lot of chatting. Mark then followed this with a 1979 quiz which again members really enjoyed. As members were very quick going through all the activities, there was still time for some singing and Terry one of our members started to sing and this prompted Ernie to sing too.

Everyone enjoyed the singing by which time Dennis our music entertainer then arrived and everyone was buzzing with excitement. Dennis played some favourites for members and as usual there was a lot of dancing.

Lisa arrived 30 minutes before the end of the session and members were very pleased to see her. Lisa reported that she had a wonderful meeting with Nigel and everyone responded loudly ‘We all love Nigel’

Thank you to Mark today for leading the session. Thank you to our volunteers Melvyn, Angela Chen and Melissa