It was a busy session today as we were also joined by a group from Aarundel Manor Care Home. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some programme updates and other news. She introduced Muz and Faz as the session leaders and welcomed and thanked all the volunteers. Lisa had a surprise visit from Sarah who used as a volunteer for the dementia club and she very kindly gave a small soft memory ball as a gift to Dementia Club UK. Everyone thanked Sarah and wished her all the best for the future.

Muz and Faz started the session with some fun games on the tables and also handed out some colouring in while everyone had their teas and coffees. Whilst chatting to one of the members Muz was inspired to do a fun game using the phonetic alphabet. Another member then decided to recount the phonetic alphabet in German and amazed us all!

The session then followed with Richard who always runs a fun packed seated Yoga session. As well as making everyone work their muscles, Richard also uses humour to make exercising fun and as it was also Brexit Day he also added a joke to mark the occasion.

After the seated exercise, Muz decided to also use the memory ball that Sarah had brought and started to throw the ball around to members asking them to catch it and share a memory. The members enjoyed sharing facts about themselves. There was an avid gardener in the room. Someone recounted that their longest journey ever had been to Tunisia. Amongst the memories, we also found out that Doris Day was a member’s favourite singer. Lisa then played some music and distributed the lyrics to all the members. This was like turning on the light in the room as members started singing and were also up and dancing.

The room was now buzzing with joy and everyone was having lots of fun so we brought the games over to the dance area. There was a tin can alley game, a ball throwing game and a hoop throwing game where Muz even became a table for the target cone to rest on! Finally, there was table tennis to finish the afternoon. Some members played seated but today there was also a table for people to play standing up, which some members thoroughly enjoyed.

[Everyone had a really fun afternoon with lots of games, singing and dancing.

Thank you to our Rotarians from Mill Hill - Rotary Club President Desmond, Bobsie, Jeanette & Graham and thank you also to our other volunteers - Theresa, Annette, Risom and of course Lisa.