This was our first session of the year at the Finchley Cricket Club and was a very busy session. This new venue has become a real favourite and members really look forward to attending as it is so warm and welcoming.

Lisa welcomed members wishing them a Happy New year and introduced the new hosts Julian and Jacqueline who have taken over from Ami and Sarah. Lisa wished Ami and Sarah all the best and introduced Julian the Chairman of the Finchley Cricket Club. Julian and Jacqueline prepared a beautiful buffet spread of cheese sandwiches and Ham sandwiches and delicious looking cup-cakes and other biscuits.

When members were sat at their tables, Lisa gave members some Word Searches and also some magic water colour painting to do which they all enjoyed doing whilst happily chatting to each other. Julian and Jacqueline then started to serve with the help of the volunteers and a few of the carers also helped - Marina and Rosetta.

Members really appreciated all the fuss and enjoyed eating the lovely sandwiches and cakes. Lisa provided members with an update including details of the next outing and also thanked the volunteers today – Risom, Rotarians – Valerie (also our Trustee), Michael and Sheila. Radha and Melissa and her husband Bob. My thanks to everyone that helped today including Mark who is one of the Trustees.

Lisa then called Valerie who gave members some House Keeping information with regards to where the toilets are and fire exit and also then informed members about the next dementia club sessions this week. Valerie tried to do a short quiz but this was soon aborted as members were enjoying chatting.

Eon our exercise instructor then arrived and as usual Eon made sure members exercised from top to toe. Eon always makes exercise enjoyable. The session then followed with Ian our music entertainer who got everyone up and dancing. The room was filled with joy and excitement and laughter. It was a perfect afternoon and everyone left saying how the venue was so perfect and they really enjoyed the afternoon.