Today was the Finchley Memorial Hospital Christmas party and Lisa and Mark made they were there in time to decorate the tables with red table cloth, Christmas napkins, a real small Christmas tree for each table to be won by one person from each table. There was also mince pies and other biscuits and Christmas foil money chocolates scattered all over the tables.

It was a lovely surprise for members as they walked in and there was also Christmas music. Lisa had prepared a Christmas picture quiz for members to guess the which Christmas movies the characters in the picture appeared. Lisa also provided some other Christmas quizzes to keep them busy whilst enjoying their chats and eating their mince pies and chocolates.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also introduced David K – a new entertainer who will be starting on the 6th January. Lisa also welcomed back Lizzy one of our volunteers who has unwell for a number of weeks. Lizzy was enjoying being spoilt today and everyone was happy to see her.

It was then time for the music entertainment to start as Wayne and Charlie arrived. Everyone was so excited and as usual Wayne and Charlie got everyone up and dancing and having a good time.

Thank you to my volunteers today, Melvyn, Angela Chen, Dr Angela and Melissa and of course Mark for all his support.