Today was a hot day and we had quite a few members attend as Stephen’s house is a favourite.

Lisa decided today to change the room slightly and move some of the tables to accommodate groups sitting together. Everyone thought it was a good idea. The session started with Mark one of the Trustees who gave out a quiz to members about various alcohol drinks for example ‘Who boasted of eating human liver washed down with Chianti?’ the answer Hannibal Lector. The quiz is always challenging but Mark offers a few clues which really helps.

After the quiz we had a birthday to celebrate. It was Joan’s 90th birthday and Chrissy her daughter baked 2 lovely cakes and brought them. Everyone sang happy birthday to Joan who was very touched and surprised to see her daughter’s cakes.

Lisa then had an announcement to make and asked Risom to come to the front. Lisa congratulated Risom for being the star bucket collector at Brent Cross on Dementia Awareness Day. Members all applauded Risom and Risom responded by saying that he is honoured and touched to be associated with helping Dementia Club UK and will continue to help.

The session then followed with Richard who does Yoga with members. Richard not only makes members exercise but always makes it fun.

The session then continued with Lisa who got members to do some singing and then some dancing to their favourite songs. Everyone was happy.

Thank you to our volunteers – Mark and Dr Angela, our Rotary volunteers Dick, Michael and Valerie who is also one of the Trustees and of course Risom who looks after us all.