Our own Dr Angela forwarded this to me this morning asking whether we wanted to highlight this on the website.

Angela had a phone call this morning from someone purporting to be from NHS Track and Trace team.

‘Good morning, I'm calling from the NHS track and trace service. According to our system, you are likely to have been in close proximity to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This means that you now need to self-isolate for 7 days and take a COVID-19 test.'

'OK. Can you tell me who that person was?'

'I'm not able to tell you that. That is confidential information.'

'Right. Um... so ....'

'But you do need to be tested within the next 72 hours. So can I just get the best mailing address so that we can send a kit to you?'

'OK, (gives address)'

'Thank you - and I just need to take a payment card so that we can finalize this and send the kit to you.'

'Sorry - a payment card? I thought this was all free?'

'No - I'm afraid not. There is a one-off fee of £50 for the kit and test results. Could you read off the long card number for me, please, when you're ready.'

'No - that's not right. This is part of the NHS so there's no charge.'

'I'm afraid there is. Can you give me the card number please - this is very important, and there are penalties for not complying.'

At this point Angela puts the phone down. This is how scammers work. And vulnerable people will fall for it.” 😡😡 Don't fall for it...! Don't give anyone your bank card numbers.

Today’s session was very Magical. We have 32 members and their carers all tuned in to meet Alan Hudson – who is a regular performer at The Magic Circle in Hollywood and also a member of the world famous The Magic Circle.

Members as usual joined in from 2.30pm so that they could have a bit of a chat together and also Lisa can provide members with any updates. Lisa introduced new members today Michael and Christina and other members made them feel very welcome.

The Magic Show started promptly and Alan made a grand entrance. I could see everyone’s faces glued to the screen. Alan started with a short introduction of himself and showed us his room where he was performing. He also told us about an envelope which he had at the back of his room which he would open at the end. Intriguing? Alan had everyone mesmerized with all of his tricks and best of all he interacted personally with a few of the members asking them to take action. Amazing what can be done virtually!

Alan made us think at times that he had made a mistake or didn’t know the answer especially when he asked one of the members to provide a 4 digit number (for example his card Pin number!) Alan was supposed to reveal the 4 digit number on a piece of paper but instead he wrote ‘Your Pin number’ Everyone laughed. Another amazing trick was the Rubik Cube. Alan had 2 Rubik Cubes. He showed us both Rubik Cubes which were completely different colours on all sides. He put one Rubik Cube away and with the one he had left he asked different members to play by getting them to say which layers and corners of the Cube they wanted to turn and which way until they were happy to stop. Once everyone was happy to stop – Alan brought back the Rubik Cube which had put to one side and to everyone’s amazement both Rubik Cubes were identical in colours on each side. Wow!!

There were quite a few card tricks and I could see that everyone was so excited. At the end Alan opened the envelope and in the envelope was a piece of paper with all the answers to all the tricks he performed. How amazing is that especially as he would not have known what choices the members would make during the performance. The 4 digit number was also revealed on this piece of paper.

It was a fantastic performance Alan and members really enjoyed all your magically tricks. You made a lot of faces smile especially during these very difficult times. We look forward to seeing you again.

The session then continued with our music entertainer James le Bec who as usual got everyone singing with a bit of Elvis and other familiar songs and then a music quiz which always gets members competitive to try and shout out the answer first. Richard our chair Yoga instructor then followed with some magical movements today getting everyone to work out from top to toe but also with fun. Richard continued with a magical quiz asking for example the name of a comedian and magician who used to say ‘Just like that’. There were 10 different questions and the winners for the quiz today were Pamela and John. Well done Pamela. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the new winners today were Nino and Rosita. Well done to you both.

What an amazing Magical afternoon.

It was lovely to see our Rotary members today Helen, Nandini, Ritu, our volunteers Annette, Melvyn, Melissa, our student Louis, our Trustees Dr Angela and Mark who was also the Session Manager taking care of any technical issues. Hope everyone enjoyed today and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

We had 22 members today with their carers including a new member who Lisa introduced to everyone during the 30 minutes chat time. Lisa welcomed everyone and lovely to see our student Louis and Rotary Club member volunteer Sheila and our Trustee Valerie.

Lisa reminded everyone about the Magician on Wednesday and then introduced Ian James who was ready to start the music entertainment. As Grazia’s birthday is on Thursday this week, Lisa asked Grazia if there was a special song that Ian could sing. Grazia had no special request but as she is Italian, Ian decided to sing some Italian songs to start with. Everyone also sang Happy Birthday to Grazia which she was very happy. Everyone enjoyed the Italian them of songs and then Ian also sang some songs from the 60’s. Thank you Ian for a very entertaining musical session.

Eon was then ready to start his exercise session and as usual got everyone working out hard. Well worth exercising with Eon our Mr Motivator.

Lisa then carried on with the session keeping everyone on mute whilst she read today’s funny story and then followed with a 10 questions with multiple answers. Members found the questions quite hard but they also enjoy the challenge. Pamela and John did very well scoring 6 out of 10. Well done Pamela. Lisa then called the Bingo numbers and today’s winner was Keren and Frances. Well done Keren and Frances.

We had 27 participants today with their carers. Lisa welcomed everyone including new members Colin & Margaret and Louis our young student. Our regular Rotary members Helen, Nandini and our Trustee Valerie also joined the session and also our Trustee Dr Angela and volunteers Annette and Melvyn.

Lisa announced and reminded everyone to make sure they didn’t miss next Wednesday’s Magic Show with Alan Hudson. With regards to the latest Government announcement about face masks to be compulsory from the 24th July, Lisa decided to show her face mask and mentioned that her face mask was FFP3 with a valve. All face masks offer some protection but FFP3 face masks with a valve are recommended as they offer the very best protection against the Coronavirus as it filters 99% of particles.

Lisa then muted everyone and James Le Bec was ready to start with music entertainment which everyone enjoyed singing along. The music quiz is always a great favourite as everyone enjoys the challenge. Joy keeps a record of the points scored each week and we apparently scored higher than other organisations this week with 16 points. As there was a birthday to celebrate, Lisa asked James to get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Rosita. James asked Rosita if she had a special song request and she said something Spanish. James therefore played and everyone joined in to sing Viva Espania. She was very grateful. Many happy returns Rosita.

It was then time for Richard’s chair yoga exercises. Richard picks a different theme each week and exercising becomes fun. Richard’s quiz that follows today was about the 10 bestselling songs of all time. To make it easier, Richard gave the name of the group and singer for each question as a clue for everyone to then name the song. It was very interesting. Kevin and Mable won the quiz today with 10 out of 10. Well done.

Lisa then read out a funny short story and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s Bingo winners were Helen and Chrystalla. Well done.

Lisa welcomed the members today and also new members Margaret and her granddaughter Ava. It was also lovely to see Louis our young student who was happy to announce that he was now officially off school for the summer break. Our music entertainer Ian joined us as usual during the members chat time. Members love this 30 minutes chat time.

Ian sang some sing along songs today which included a Vera Lynn song and a few Elvis Presley songs which members enjoyed and danced to in their own seats. Ava’s dog was also excited and at the end of the music session, Lisa introduced Ava’s cute dog Rosie to Ian’s puppy Sonny. It was lovely to see.

Eon was then ready to lead the next part of the session with his chair exercises. It was already a humid sticky day. Eon’s workout is always welcome as everyone feels the benefits.

It was then time for Lisa’s quiz - 10 questions with four answers for members to choose the correct answer. The top winners of the quiz today were Rona and Sotiris – well done to them. Lisa then read a story joke which always makes everyone laugh and then it was time for Lisa to call out the Bingo numbers. There were 2 winners today – Muriel and Joan – well done to both of them.