We had a few visitors today from local organisations. We had Karen Rides and Beatrice Bennai from Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead and we also had Miles Maier – Older Carers Wellbeing Coordinator from Camden Carers Centre.

It was also a pleasure to meet the new General Manager of Kentish Town Leisure Centre – George Woodfield. Lisa and Adriana welcomed everyone and also welcomed 3 new members who came for the first time today.

Muz and Faz had lots of interesting activities to entertain members at this session including Word Searches, colouring in pictures and table tennis. Muz also introduced some new activities today which members really enjoyed. There was a famous faces game where everyone had to remember the positions and then match the pairs of famous faces.

One of the members James also introduced Scattergories which our visitors enjoyed playing. A big thank you to James for suggesting this game today.

After the activities and table tennis, the session then followed with music entertainment and singing and dancing led by Aaron. He got everyone up and dancing with his rendition of classics like Que Sera Sera and the Hokey Cokey.

Thank you to Adriana, Lisa, Aaron and Muz and Faz for a fantastic session.

A very busy session as usual. We also had 4 new members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some programme updates and other news. Lisa welcomed and introduced a new volunteer today – Assunta from The London Academy.

Her mother works at The Finchley Memorial Hospital in the Wards upstairs and Assunta wanted to come and volunteer as she has hopes to become a doctor one day.

Lisa then introduced James one of the carers who wanted to say a few words. ‘James read a number of letters he had written to his old RAF Base when he was a regular in the RAF in Egypt in the 1950s. He wanted a beret and cat badge of his old team as he was very proud to serve. He eventually got his beret and cat badge a few days ago and he is looking forward to wearing it at the next official engagement.

He has also been invited at the Officers Mess at RAF High Wycombe for lunch which he is looking forward to.’ Members were very pleased to hear James’s talk.

The session then followed with a quiz and then Lisa put on some music for members to sing along which they enjoyed. This prepared members as they were ready when Ian James our music entertainer then arrived. Everyone enjoyed Ian’s choice of music and there was a lot of dancing and singing. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you today to our volunteers Melvyn, Melissa, Angela Chen and Marina who I thank very much not only for her help throughout the session but also for taking the mugs home last week and washing them in her dishwasher. The mugs are now gleaming white.

Thank you also to Assunta for her help today and of course to our Mark.

Lisa welcomed visitors and residents of Carlton Court whist they were enjoying their teas/coffees and wonderful cakes . As the music entertainer Aaron was getting ready, Lisa started a sing song with everyone to get them warmed up. Everyone likes to hear She’ll be Coming around the mountain’ and ‘Que Sera Sera’

Aaron then played some music favourites which got everyone smiling and some singing and dancing. This of course included the carer staff.

The music quiz is another favourite for everyone especially as they get to throw the dice. A lot of cheating to try and get a six but no one minds! It’s so much fun. After the music, visitors and the residents had the opportunity to try our fabulous interactive game table.

“A good laugh and a cuppa are the two best cures for anything”

Our Dementia Club UK Outing to the Mikie Driver Variety lunch and show at the Wood Green Social Club was a great success on 14th February - Valentine’s Day.

It didn’t matter that the weather was cold and horrible as all the members had a very enjoyable time. Another group was expected but there was a problem and unfortunately they didn’t turn up. This didn’t matter however as it became a private Show for Dementia Club UK.

We first had lunch which was delicious. The slices of beef were generous and lots of gravy with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and peas and carrots. The additional condiments were also served – horseradish and mustard. The vegetarian option was also equally delicious. For pudding the chef made homemade cherry pie with custard which again was really delicious and lots of clean plates. On a cold day like today this was a very comforting lunch. Compliments to the Chef.

The Show then started and Mickie introduced Jackie Simmonds who was very glamorously dressed. Her duty during the afternoon was being the sound engineer but Mickie also told us the Jackie used to be a ‘tiller girl’ – she posed at the London Palladium on a revolving stage on Sunday evenings. Jackie then gave us a demonstration.

Mickie then started singing some musical favourites and was also joined with Annie Riley who had a love hearts dress on and sang beautifully. Everyone was singing and some members also were up dancing.

During the short interval the bar was open for anyone who wanted to buy any drinks and also ice creams. The ice creams were a real treat. The Show then resumed with a comedian – Bob Curtiss who made us all laugh with various jokes.

He was then followed by Mike Marandi who was absolutely amazing singing more musical favourites and also singing a couple of songs in Italian which pleased our Italian members.

A very enjoyable afternoon and big thanks to Mickie Driver and the other entertainers. We were sad to hear that the Wood Green Social Club which has been there for many years will unfortunately be closing soon as developers will be building housing on the site.

A very busy session today. As Valentine Day is in a couple of days, Lisa decided to decorate the tables with red tablecloths and each table had a vase of yellow tulips and red petals.

Members were delighted to see the beautifully decorated tables as they arrived. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them a Valentines quiz to start doing together on each table as a team. Lisa also introduced a visitor – Mrs Mami Kato who wanted to observe and study our dementia club so that they can use the information to set up similar dementia clubs in Japan.

Mami also mentioned that her TV Director Ms Murakami may also try to attend one of our dementia clubs to film it. Members welcomed Mami.

Mark then called out the quiz answers. Members enjoyed doing the quiz as there were some very interesting questions. Lisa then did some Valentine poetry reading with everyone and each table had to choose someone to read a verse. The poem about ‘A simple Hug’ was then read and at the end everyone gave each other a hug which was really nice.

Paul Jaffa our music entertainer then arrived. Paul plays the piano at the West Lodge Hotel in Cockfosters on a regular basis. Paul brought his keyboard today and played some familiar songs which everyone enjoyed listening to and some that they sang to and even danced. Mami our visitor also enjoyed interacting with members and even danced too. It was a very enjoyable Valentine session.

Thank you to our volunteers today – Melvyn and Arzu for their help throughout the session. Also a big thank you to Marina one of the carers who was also very helpful.