Today we had 26 members. We also had a visit from Nigel Wray who is our Patron. It was a great pleasure to see him and all the members were also delighted to see him. Lisa welcomed Nigel and then Nigel said a few words of encouragement to everyone, saying that in these difficult times we all need to focus on something that we enjoy doing and we will get through this. Nigel stayed for the whole session and enjoyed the Music quiz, the Yoga exercises and the general knowledge quiz after.

Just before he left he said how he enjoyed the session and was pleased that he got quite a few of the music quiz songs right. As usual are music quiz with the digital dice was a success and members always laugh when Mark our technical master behind the scenes spins the dice a few times to get a higher score.

Richard also was great with the Yoga exercises and his questions today were 5 questions about the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ film and then 5 general knowledge questions naming TV Shows of the 1960’s. The winners for the quiz were Gina and Chris.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winners today were Stephen and Brenda.