We had 24 members today and their carers and we also had a visitor – Christine Johnson from Rotary Club of Roding. It was also lovely to also see Lawrence from Rotary Club of Hendon again. It was really lovely to also see new members join.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave a few updates and reminded everyone that tomorrow evening’s carers session will be run by Kevin who is one of the carers.

The session then started with Ian James. It was sad to hear that Ian had an injured finger today. He had a deep cut and although should have gone to the doctors he still wanted to do his performance not to let anyone down. A big thank you to Ian. We are very grateful and hope his finger is OK.

Everyone enjoyed a good singalong and then Eon Walters took over with the exercise to music which for some is challenging but the variety of movements means that everyone gets involved. Lisa then continued the session with a short quick joke and then a quiz. Today’s quiz was to find with the letter ‘D’ some boys names, Countries, food and animals. The person who found names that no one else used were winners. Everyone enjoyed playing this game.

It was then time for calling out the Bingo numbers and today Mark are technical support manager introduced each number that I called out on to the screen so it was easy to read. Everyone thought this was an excellent idea and not only did the numbers flash up on to the screen but Mark also had a Bingo card on the screen displaying all the numbers called. Everyone thanked Mark. The winners to day was Maria.