We had 20 members today and new members. Lisa welcomed the new members and introduced them to the others as they joined. Two of our members Gina and Chris joined us today from their Centre Parcs holiday at Elveden which was great to see them. It was also good to see Helen and Ritu from the Rotary Clubs and Melvyn and Annette our long term and valued volunteers.

Lisa tries to reveal a different virtual background at every session and today as it was really hot again, Lisa had a moving virtual background of a beach which looked like it was in Jamaica. Some members commented that it was calming and refreshing to watch the sea swishing in and out and brought back some memories.

Our music entertainer James Le Bec was then ready to start and today he started with a song sang by Alma Cogan – an English pop star in the 1950’s and early 60’s. The song ‘Love and Marriage’ was a very familiar song for everyone. James then followed with other music favourites which included the Birdy Song and Que Sera Sera. The music quiz today was based on 10 questions on Elvis music hits which enjoyed. The music quiz winners today was Gina and Chris. James then finished off with another music favourite ‘Coming round the mountain’. Thank you James.

Richard Kravetz then followed on swiftly with the Yoga chair exercises and as the weather was very humid the exercises were not too energetic today. In fact he did some breathing exercises to start with that keep you cool which were very welcoming. It is always great fun with Richard and makes exercising effortless. Richard then followed on with today’s 10 quiz questions. The first 5 questions were famous quotes and for members to say who said some them. It was interesting to note who said the first quote –‘ British women can’t cook’ and this was Prince Phillip.

Everyone enjoyed the quiz and the winners today were Gina and Chris and Helen and Chrystalla. Thank you Richard.

Lisa then carried on with the session reading a couple of funny short stories which everyone enjoys and finally called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today were Nino and Rosita. Well done to them.