We had 20 members today with their carers. As usual members chat before the session starts which is great and always a good opportunity to welcome and introduce new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and James Le Bec was ready to start the music entertainment.

I’m pleased to report that James’s sound system was perfect today. He had technical issues for several weeks but now he has mastered it and members really enjoyed the music. The music quiz was also great today as Lisa suggested to James that perhaps everyone should be muted whilst he plays the 10 snippets of music quiz questions. This made sure that everyone heard the music quiz questions. When everyone was then un-muted everyone had their answers to shout out which worked perfectly.

Richard our Yoga instructor was then ready to take over and as always the Yoga sessions with Richard are fantastic. Richard then continued to provide an interesting quick general knowledge quiz and the questions today were about Spain. The winners of the quiz were Gina and Chris – Well done Gina and Chris and Richard presented a make believe prize of a plate of Paella.

Lisa then read a couple of short story jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today was Maria De Vito. Well done Maria.