Muz welcomed everyone today at the session and then introduced Lisa who gave a brief update about the next session on the programme this week.

Muz and Lisa then surprised Frances by presenting him with a cake to celebrate his birthday. All the members sang happy birthday to Frances which brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Today’s session was only a couple of days after International Women’s Day, so the theme of the activities was International Women’s Day. Muz and Faz introduced a colouring activity where members could use their creativity and imagination to colour in a paper shaped woman. There was also an International Women’s Day themed wordsearch for members to complete, whilst enjoying their teas, coffees and lovely cakes.

After the colouring and the wordsearch, there were two International Women’s Day themed games to keep members occupied. Firstly, there was a true or false quiz where members were given 15 facts. They had to decide whether they were true or false. Everyone loved playing the game and learnt some very interesting facts at the same time.

After the quiz, Faz read out a short article about the values of International Women’s Day. She then asked members to name the 10 values that represent International Women’s Day. Members managed to identify all 10 with a few leading clues to help them on their way.

After the games, Richard took over with seated exercise. Richard’s session was very topical as he called it “Corona Yoga”. The idea was to get people to find a new way to greet each other that means they don’t have to shake hands and touch one another. For example, there was one exercise where members were asked to tap their feet to say hello to each other. It was a novel and fun way to get everyone to stretch and exercise. Richard also got members to pretend washing their hands for 20 seconds singing the Happy Birthday song.

After Richard’s exercise session, members were entertained with a variety of games that included golf putting, table tennis, skittles and hoop tossing. Everyone had lots of fun with the variety of activities on offer. The session concluded with a sing-a-long of five classic songs which everyone really enjoyed. Lambeth Walk was the finale and went down really well. This was a very enjoyable session.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to our volunteers Annette and Radha. They were rushed off their feet today as there was so much to do. They were both utterly brilliant. Thanks also to Lisa, Faz and Muz for helping out today.